Our main facility is built based on international accepted standards, which substantially exceed the Philippines’ sanitary landfill (SLF) standards as stipulated in RA 9003.

Located at Sub Zone D of Clark Special Economic Zone, in Sitio Kalangitan, Metro Clark Waste Management’s cutting-edge technology ensures a sustainable, efficient and environment friendly process and methodologies.

Multi-Layer Waste Repository Process

Garbage delivered and disposed in our facility specifically our designated landfill sites undergo a meticulous process to guarantee safety and protection of our environment.

A multi-layer protection components and liners ensure that no liquids (leachate) from the landfill could harm the soil or the groundwater. These are all basically based on a redundant liner system out of natural and artificial materials with extreme low permeability. Further the local geology with very dense clay material naturally protects the groundwater can be found in the area of the landfill about 60m below the surface.

The technical protection layers are built out of a 0.75 m thick clay liner (implemented highly compacted) and a 2.5 mm HDPE (high density polyethylene) plastic liner.

MCWM opted to use German technology manufacturing and installation of the HDPE liners. The drainage system for the leachate is built out of a HDPE pipe system (which can sustain more than 80m waste load) and a areal gravel filter, which would insure that all incoming leachate could be forwarded to the Leachate Treatment Plant.

The Leachate Treatment Plant for the facility is build as aration ponds with the additional utilization of a specialized ‘reed bed’ treatment plant. Built in phases, the first phase with about 3 hectares area was implemented in 2002 whereas in 2018 the total utilized landfill area is about 20 hectares.


We have a pool of the latest and heavy-duty equipment and vehicles to transport your garbage.


Multi Partite Monitoring Team

The Multi Partite Monitoring Team (MMT) was established to ensure transparency in the conduct of the audit of the operation of Metro Clark Waste Management Corporation. The MMT is composed of representatives from DENR-EMB, CDC, Province of Tarlac, Municipalities of Bamban and Capas, Barangays Cutcut, Anupul and NGO.

The MMT meets regularly and oversees e.g. the environmental compliance of the company’s operation and the regular annual and bi-annual test of environmental relevant water and air quality data.