Environmental Overview

The ecological benefits of using engineered sanitary landfill

The systematic and technology driven waste disposal site currently handles more than 3,000 tons of various government approved types of wastes daily.

The humongous volumes of waste products specifically wet municipal wastes are handled in such a way that contamination is eliminated.

More specifically the underground water underneath the landfill surface within and around the communities where its facility is located.

It was designed to prevent seepage of leachate to seep into the underground water table. And as a result, water and air contamination is prevented and checked.

All of the captured liquid (leachate) are then processed and treated. Meanwhile, Methane gas produced by wastes are also eliminated through a certain process.


As our way of giving back to our host communities and its people, we have instituted livelihood programs
ranging from agricultural and commercial livelihood related endeavours.

Metro Clark Waste has allotted an area for vegetable planting as it aims to likewise highlight the
co-existence of not only habitable but environmentally sound landfill.


Knowledge is power and ignorance is not an excuse. Learn and be aware.

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